The Best Language Learning Apps

Trying to pick up a second language as an adult is difficult, and learning well enough to sound natural during conversation especially so. However, technology has allowed for the development of various resources that simplify the process, making it fun instead of stressful to gain fluency. Mobile apps appeal to many due to their versatility, and, of those, these are three of the best.

1) Rosetta Stone: This unique app teaches differently than most others in that it only teaches in the language you are trying to learn. If a user wants to learn english as a second language, then every step of the process will be in English. Language learning by immersion is often named as the best method, a technique that Rosetta Stone attempts to imitate.

2) FluentU: Another original app, FluentU teaches through real videos, allowing users to pick up conversational English in a natural way, hearing actual speakers of the language. Examples of the types of videos they employ are music videos, commercials, and the news.

3) Memrise: This app focuses on vocabulary, but they do it a way that ensures users will actually retain the words they learn. They make users laugh in order to make users remember. This technique makes the words latch onto memory in a way that dry instruction never will.

No matter what language a person has an interest in learning, an effective resource has immense value. These apps are resources worth using.